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What We Do

Alcohol Research
Alcohol is the most commonly used substance by America’s youth, with rates of hazardous use increasing among high school students.

Prevention Component
Attempt to motivate students to change their drinking by using strategies their peers have used to successfully cut down or quit drinking.

New Strategies
We have developed helpful strategies specifically for this age group that facilitate adolescent efforts to end alcohol and drug use problems.

Long-Term Plans
The long-term objective is to make available for all youth in our community age-appropriate strategies that promote drug and alcohol free lifestyles.

About the Program

  • High School based prevention program designed for and by youth.
  • Available to all students in participating schools during lunch with free pizza and drinks.
  • Does not overlap with currently available programs at high schools.
  • Is not therapy or treatment.
  • Assists youth in our communities to avoid alcohol related problems.
  • Enhances motivation and incentives for healthy lifestyles.



Project funded by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA)

Options for Youth